Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Threading the Red

I'm not prone to use color in a Zentangle®. Something about the black and white satisfies my little soul, so I don't often venture far from that until I am asked to. Or, in this case, challenged to! That is one of the reasons I like Laura Harm's challenges. I like to challenge myself, but it's even more fun for me when someone else lays down the gauntlet. 
   This week the Diva presented guest challenger, Cris Letourneau CZT. Cris presented a challenge to support The Red Thread Promise organization. So here comes the color part: We were to create a traditional black and white tangle tile with a single red "thread" running through it. We were also invited to send our actual tiles to be auctioned to help raise money for the organization. 
   I used red pen for my string, and moved on with the black. The red pen I had was a very bright one, which really shook me up!! Just kind of kidding, although it definitely wasn't the most comfortable color for me to use, I bucked up and had a lot of fun. (As is so often the case when peeking out of the 'box'.)
  Thanks, Cris and Laura, for a fun challenge. And my tiles are headed your way, Cris!


  1. The first one is very cool. I like the way you used Bridgen for the red string. The second is lovely. Reminds me of an old-fashioned fan.

  2. Carole, my grandaughter is learning to knit and your tiles have just reminded me of helping her undo the tangles (except her wool is blue)...so very delightful!!

  3. Lovely! The red IS bright, but I like it.

  4. Two fabulous tiles! I think the first one might be my favorite!

  5. I love the first one, your thread looks like a piece of wool winding it's way across the tile.


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