Monday, November 7, 2011

Pondering on the Poppy

The Diva's challenge this week is about poppies, or rather, what they call us to remember. It seems the past couple months have been full of passings: people leaving this party for some other. I don't have a clue about how it all really works, although my sense is, that possibly, everything that seems to leave still lingers in some way or another. The poppies are a reminder of the energies that linger in our lives, and our connection to them.

   The process of Zentangle also reminds me of these things. As one line ends, another emerges from the pen, connected in some magical, yet natural way to the space around it. Each line flows to where it pleases, and finds its place, relative to those that have come before it. As each tile is finished, it finds its place to stay, maybe in a box, maybe in a letter to a friend. Wherever it ends up, its marks and twists and turns are indelibly real, and the next Zentangle that comes into existence, is quietly built upon the one we put away. One thing just can't help but be part of the next. So thank you everybody:)


  1. Great poppy interpretation but even more, I appreciate the way you connected the feeling of Zentangle to the challenge!

  2. Seconding all the above! I haven't been a poppy person since 'way back in high school. I probably still won't wear one, but you've given me some other things to think about.

  3. Carole, I love the look of your poppy...and your thought provoking comments. I haven't gotten to the point of giving my tiles away...I guess I think that no one would really want something I've drawn. Guess I'm not very confident in my tangling. I'm always in awe of the tangles you do. Thanks for sharing!


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