Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Containing the Fun

I little while back I was inspired by Maria Thomas' repurposing of a canister that they now use as a home for their Micron® pens. To store my pens properly in a horizontal position, I put them in a box I have to rummage through. Not fun, and certainly not very handy. What ended up happening was, I had them laying horizontally all over my desk, and once in a while they ended up back in the box. After seeing the canister idea, I was on the hunt in my own house to find something I could repurpose. No such luck.
   Not long after, I was in Staples and found this square pencil holder that had sections. Laying it on its side (with some kneaded eraser dots to hold it steady on my desk), I can put all the .01 pens in one compartment, all "the others" in another compartment, and a pile of tiles now has a home in the lower compartment! I don't see this contraption online at Staples, so you might have to actually visit the store to see if they have them. I believe they also had a black version.
   Now my desk is still not clutter-free by any means, but now my pens are not part of that clutter, happy in their new little home and standing ready at a moment's notice. Because one never knows when a Zentangle moment may present itself!


  1. I will check out Staples! I work on a slanted desk so I might have to put it sideways rather than facing me, but we'll see. Thanks!

  2. Clever lady! I like that you can see what # pen you are looking at, too. The one I need is generally the last one I pull out : ) Thanks for the idea Carole.

  3. Looks custom made for Zentangle! Great idea. I'm wondering, do the pens mate at night do you think? Just this morning I was rummaging through a drawer looking for something else and I kept finding more and more stashes of pens instead! I finally said to myself, "Okay, you're obsessed". LOL

  4. That's funny Judi. I have no clue how I got so many, maybe your question has a 'yes' answer! I have a hard time throwing them out. Just when I think they're done, they seem to come back one more time!

  5. very clever! I also like that you have your tiles right there underneath the pens.


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