Monday, June 18, 2012

Cadent is Calling!

Hi everyone, I know it's been quite a while since I've posted. We opened our bead store this past weekend, and now I feel like I can have a little breather. Even though there is still lots to do, there is a sense of relief that the doors have actually opened. It was a great weekend of seeing some old friends, but making new ones. The sense of potential always gets me going, so great fun! It's that sense of potential that always draws me back to Zentangle.
    The past month has had its days filled with beady activities and planning, and I haven't even picked up a Micron once. But--- today, it was Monday, and I knew the Diva would most likely be on her game, and yes she was. I was all of a sudden ready to tangle. I'm a little 'rusty' with my pen, and of course I picked one up that was on its last little drop, but still, it was great fun. And to do a classic like Cadent seemed just right for getting back in the swing.
    Looking at my blank tile, I was excited to quietly make my corner dots, my border and then a lively string. I love to monotangle and love busting through the strings. Since it had been so long, I had to remind myself that is was ok to go beyond the string and make up things as I went along. Funny how our 'shoulds' hang on so hard.
   I had a great time, and feel mighty grateful that the Diva and all of you are still playing with the challenge. It's just what I needed to start my 'day off'.