Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Punzel Play

The new tangle in town is called Punzel, and is a tangleation of one called Chainging. The Diva has presented it as this week's challenge. I was fortunate (along with about 100 others) to learn this at the recent Zentangle Certification seminar. It took me a little while to get this one, and I kept making my little horn shapes way too long! I finally got the hang of it after watching Maria do it a few times. I was thinking too much about lining things up to make a chain (a very left brain activity: trying to make a tangle look like something in real life). Once I realized that it was only about making a series of SHAPES, I was able to let go of what I thought should happen, and simply get into the rhythm of making those little shapes. Also, until I fill in the little black spaces, it can look a little confusing to me. Trust!! I find that if I trust the steps and try not to think ahead, it's much easier!

I love how this tangle can be playful and strong all at once. Its chunky parts are lots of fun to shade and play with, which is why one of my tiles is a lot more complex than the other. I couldn't stop having so much fun.

Thank you, Rick and Maria, for another fun and beautiful tangle. Thanks, Laura, for keeping the challenge fires burning!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tangled Inside

Wow, finally back in the Diva Challenge world. The last few weeks were a little upside down, trying to get all my work done before our wonderful trip to Providence for the Zentangle certification seminar. I would do the weekly challenge, but then never got as far as scanning and uploading and then writing. I missed it!!
   I started a string on Monday using Flux (Rick-style), but got interrupted before I could tangle it. In the meantime, a new post from appeared, featuring Margaret Bremner's tangle, Prestwood. This one looked like fun, so I used it for the challenge this week. I love this tangle, as its curvy lines were just what I needed! It got a little involved, but I think that was what was so fun! I also did this without my good glasses (I didn't want to tear myself away from the fun to find them), so it's very rough looking. But hey, again, it's not how it looks, it's how it feels! And boy did it feel good to do the challenge and actually get far enough to post it and link it and everything!

   I gotta hand it to Laura Harms. I'm sure my life is only half as busy as hers, yet she keeps on posting challenges every week without skipping a beat. For that I am grateful. It was still there waiting for me. Thanks, Laura, and happy birthday to your sweet little Artoo!

And thank you, Margaret, for a fun new tangle!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sparks Ignite

The planets lined up in such a way, that I was able to attend the Zentangle Certification Seminar (#7!) last week. Each of 100+ participants come to it with their own unique connection and experience of Zentangle. Some come with little sparks, and some come with big fires already burning. It didn't seem to matter what each person's specific relationship to it was. When we were all there together, the fire seemed steady and communal, as if each person passed a little torch to each other all at once. It's a very mysterious  feeling, and as this was my second time to participate in a CZT seminar, I found it interesting that the same feeling was present both times. I can't say what it is that makes it happen, I can only say that it happens. I would go again in a minute if I could.
   I was lucky enough to go with my other half, Daved, and my friends Peg, Lesley, and Angie. We all flew there together, spread out while we were at the seminar, and came back together in the end. Only this time, when we left and stood around in airports, we found ourselves shoulder to shoulder with newfound friends who also found themselves wearing tee-shirts with pen marks all over them. The only clean shirt I had was my new black shirt that posed the question: "Want to see my Zentangles?" By the way, if you have one of those shirts, be careful where you wear it: going through security at an airport isn't a good time to explain Zentangle to the person behind you who has suddenly read your shirt and wants to know what Zentangle is. I would suggest if you do wear one, also stuff some tangled tiles in your pocket for giveaways if you have no time to explain yourself:)
   As I'm still trying to catch up on work after being away for a week, and words really do fail to convey all the wonders of the experience, I will, instead, post a photo that, for me, embodies the spirit of love, camaraderie, and pure joy of the experience. The seminar participants in this photo were at one time, strangers from different parts of the world. But every time I look at the photo, they feel almost like one person. This is the magic I feel from this art form. It's a connector and an equalizer. It's an art for everyone. And I am basking in some fiery gratitude.

Monday, October 3, 2011

An unconditionally beautiful reminder...

Do not be concerned with the fruit of your action, just give attention to the action itself. The fruit will come of its own accord. This is a powerful spiritual practice.
Eckhart Tolle

In thinking a little about this, we could say the fruit (which we often call the end result) doesn't even matter. The condition of the fruit is irrelevant (is the end result 'good' or 'not good'). Even if you are able to give attention to the action itself while you are in the action, please don't get to the end of the action and then judge the fruit. The action can BE the fruit.

The act of doing Zentangle is the fruit. No matter what you are experiencing as you do your Zentangle, that is the gift. Whether it be joy or frustration, All of it will show you what is in the moment. No wrong, no right. It's just a moment.