Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tangled Inside

Wow, finally back in the Diva Challenge world. The last few weeks were a little upside down, trying to get all my work done before our wonderful trip to Providence for the Zentangle certification seminar. I would do the weekly challenge, but then never got as far as scanning and uploading and then writing. I missed it!!
   I started a string on Monday using Flux (Rick-style), but got interrupted before I could tangle it. In the meantime, a new post from appeared, featuring Margaret Bremner's tangle, Prestwood. This one looked like fun, so I used it for the challenge this week. I love this tangle, as its curvy lines were just what I needed! It got a little involved, but I think that was what was so fun! I also did this without my good glasses (I didn't want to tear myself away from the fun to find them), so it's very rough looking. But hey, again, it's not how it looks, it's how it feels! And boy did it feel good to do the challenge and actually get far enough to post it and link it and everything!

   I gotta hand it to Laura Harms. I'm sure my life is only half as busy as hers, yet she keeps on posting challenges every week without skipping a beat. For that I am grateful. It was still there waiting for me. Thanks, Laura, and happy birthday to your sweet little Artoo!

And thank you, Margaret, for a fun new tangle!


  1. I love the tangle and I love the way you filled it in with beauty! I am also happy for you that you have had the opportunity to go to the seminar!

  2. Awesome as ever! It's really neat how you used prestwood inside of prestwood, it all looks very organic.

  3. So glad you were able to send this one, I think its stunning! Your work always inspires me. Now I want to have a go myself with preswood!

  4. Beautiful tile Carole! I especially like the color that you added, it really makes it pop.

  5. Wow! This is so pretty. Love the combination of the two colors, also.


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