Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spooky Little Treasures

When my boys were little, Halloween was one of our favorite holidays. Super hero costumes were pretty much the norm, and the front porch was a mini-haunted house that even the teenaged trick-or-treaters thought was cool enough for them. These days I have my (grown men!) kids' Facebook pages to see what they wear on Halloween. And now I live on a dark street a bit up a hill that the little kids just don't make their way to, so it's a quiet evening of tangling for me.
   I love how a life can ebb and flow into new spaces, just like a Zentangle. My Halloweens these days are like an open space to either fill or not fill, with whatever I like. This Monday, the Diva presented a spooky flavored challenge. A webby kind of mood took me over, so that's where I went:

Thanks Laura, and hope you all had a great Hallow's Eve!


  1. As usual, your entries rise above everyone else's! Just amazing work :)

  2. Wow brilliant work you got there! Clever way of using webs on first picture and look like vortex to suck you in, on second picture. Well done!

  3. Oh, I love them both. Very 3d and spidery. Great job.

  4. Love your webby tiles, and the second one looks like a happy explosion to me.

  5. That first one gives me the "willies" so many eyes looking out at me! What fun!


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