Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wonders of the Robin's Egg

Imagine the feeling of finding a robin's egg on the ground. When I really think about it, I'm amazed at how many people have experienced this. A caretaking tenderness may over us, and we might even reach down, pick it up, and hold it in our hands. It's one of the most delicate and tender experiences that we share. We hold an egg that's ready to get cracked into a pan, and it's not the same. Even though we know that a robin's egg on the ground means the end of its ability to become a robin, there is still a sense of potential there... the wonder of 'what if.' The feeling of tenderness as we hold it in our hands is the lingering potential of the life that is possible.
   So during the Zentangle certification seminar, when Maria Thomas asked us to hold our pencils and pens as though we were holding a robin's egg, of course we all knew what she meant. I sometimes forget about the robin on my more stressful days. But I know that if I can be conscious each time I pick up my pen, I will remember and take that advice. The simple thought of the robin's egg while holding my pen triggers that caretaking and tender response.  Starting with a relaxed intent can create relaxation and openness. This is often the doorway to allowing all that creating a Zentangle has to give, and the joy of exploring the 'what ifs'.
   As my friend Lois might say: Mahalo, dear robin (and dear Maria)!


  1. Wow, What a beautiful zentangle!! I just love it.

  2. That's lovely, Carole. There's something about black & white plus one colour that I find very appealing.

  3. This is really beautiful Carol!

  4. Beautiful tangle! I have to admit that before I went to CZT class, I really gripped my pen and probably when thru them a lot faster. Now I really concentrate on holding it so much lighter and it's good to remember the robin's egg. Thank You!

  5. I do love this - the beauty of simplicity.

  6. I'm new at zentangling and I definetily LOVE this zentangle!! It's so special...


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