Saturday, October 16, 2010

Always New

Last night's Intro to Zentangle class was another reminder of the endless newness that the process of Zentangle allows for. Each person brings their own "stuff" to this process. Some are anxious to begin, some are apprehensive, some are eager, some don't really care... but all bring something to their own class experience. And once that is mixed with the process of creating a Zentangle, magical things can happen. The chatty may become quiet, the anxious may become calm, the eager may mellow out, and ones who may not care might be lit with a spark. All that can happen in one little hour.
   When the class is almost over, we lay our tiles on the floor all together to make a little Zentangle commune. At that point, there is no way of knowing what "stuff" is what and even whose is whose. All different in the same way. Every time. Gotta love it.
   Thanks to Loretta Puncer at Gallery 510 in Dayton's Oregon District for being such a wonderful hostess every month!

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  1. The class sounds like heaven, to be able to tangle away together and find the end results so interestingly different yet linked by a common theme. They are all beautiful. Thanks for sharing these mini works of art for us all to see.


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