Sunday, October 24, 2010

Straight and Narrow

I suppose playing so long with Mikee Huber's Pais, with its fluid, roundy flow, the natural next thing would be straight lines! The circles in the middle kept it a little less rigid. What I really fell in love with was the rhythm of making of the lines. I also love shading all those little matchstick-like sections. 
    I don't know if this pattern is already out there, or what the name might be. It seems so simple that I'm sure it's somewhere. If not, I am naming this one Baton. If anyone knows of another name for this or has a link, please post! There are so many wonderful tangles all over the place, it's very hard to keep track of all the new creations.


  1. Carole I just love your tangles, I just finished the CZT #4 am so excited to teach, you keep me inspired.

  2. I really like your new tangle "baton". It looks like a great background filler, kind of reminds me of the computer connector ribbons. The tangle is very effective at drawing your eye to other parts of the composition. Your work is really a great inspiration to me.

  3. Thank you, ladies! Congrats Melinda, on your certification!

  4. Your latest three tiles look great, I really love the feel of depth that you managed to achieve. It's great visiting your fab blog to see all the lovely examples and ideas that you so generously share.


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