Monday, October 11, 2010

Toes in the Water

Peg Farmer, Cathy Helmers and I just returned from a weekend at the Universal Light Expo in Columbus, Ohio. It was our first time with a Zentangle inspired booth. We had lots of beautiful tangled items for sale, and we also offered attendees a mini class where they could learn the basics of creating a Zentangle tile. Most of the people who stopped by were new to Zentangle, so it was lots of fun spreading the word!
    It's a natural thing to want to assess the outcome of such an outlay of energy, time and money. I find myself trying to "figure out" whether we should do it again, did we make our expenses, did enough people find us, etc. etc!
    I go back to the experience of each Zentangle tile I have ever created. Did I worry about how much time it took? No. Do I labor over what it looks like? No. Do I question if it was worth doing? Not ever. Do I try to figure out what the next one will look like or even if I should do another tile? Silly. I can't know that until I have pen in hand and a tile in front of me.
     So what is the difference between each tile and a weekend at the ULE? None really. The experience of each stands as it is. So I am grateful for another day of breathing and knowing that all things are in their place.
     Thanks, Cath and Peg for being with me on our journey.

Cath's Featherhead doll dancing above the table
Peg with one of her Zentangle students
Another Community Zentangle!


  1. Thanks, Carole and Cathy, for allowing me to join you for this past weekend. I had a great time, met many interesting people, saw old friends. The looks on the faces of those who added to the community Zentangle and those who made their first Zentangles in our mini classes were a joy to behold! A good time was had by all!

  2. carole, you Never know what will ripple oou as a result of your weekend. that's the thing about the practise of doing expectations.I am new to encouraging people to try them, and am becoming amazed by how quickly they can "improve" their drawings by relaxing into the experience.
    Enjoyed your post.Thanks.

  3. It was wonderful to meet you at the Expo on Sat! I'm looking into learning this around here-there's a class this weekend near me at the Cuyahoga Falls Library, but I'm booked already. Thanks for taking the time to talk and share some of this amazing art with me. Sorry I never made it back to the car and to your booth to show you Patti Digh's book Life is a Verb- but here's her blog so you can check it out (

    Creative is a Verb is the new book with my sister's art in it. :) ~Zen Richkowski


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