Monday, October 25, 2010

Baton Steps

What I call Baton is simply sets of parallel lines that are made go anywhere you want them to. I was inspired to do this background after seeing what one of our Wednesday night students did with something similar. Thanks, Cittie! Cittie is a real inspiration and her Zentangle art gets more amazing each time we see her.
    The steps to Baton are very easy. I usually begin in a small corner with some parallel lines. I turn my tile just a bit, and make the next set of parallel lines. Turn the tile a bit, repeat. The lines can either fill the string, or stop them wherever you like. There is no real rule to this one, it's all about the rhythm that seems to take over once you get started!
    I like to fill in the little corners with black, which helps define the angles. And the shading on this is just too much fun. 
   This tangle is especially fun with more complicated strings. As the sections run into each other, some interesting shapes and angles can emerge!


  1. I really like this pattern!!

  2. Thank you!!! You and Peg are the true inspiration!!! I have enjoyed our classes together and I hope we can play more in the future!!!



  3. Baton is a great pattern! Very adaptable (is that a word? lol). Thank for the breakdown. And I just love your Robin's egg zentangle/tangle. You do such nice work, Carol.

  4. that looks simple enough to do! I always say that... Thanks, {:-Deb

  5. Can someone please tell me if there is an accepted or specified size for zentangles-raw beginner here, thanks so much for these exercises, I'll work on it :-)

  6. fascinating tangle. thx for your fine work and teaching aids! Look forward to becoming a CZT in the near future, goddess willing.

  7. Simply OUTSTANDING and stunning and glamorous, and beautiful!
    Basketweave Tiles

  8. lots of fun here, thanks for sharing with js


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