Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tangle-a-day calendars are ready to ship!

This year's calendar is printed on cream stock and has a heavier black backing to make it easier to tangle anywhere. The new paper is closer to the color of the official Zentangle® tiles. The paper has been tangler tested to make sure both the tangler (and the Micron) enjoy working with it.

Just like last year, each day has a 2.5" blank square block for tangling. It also includes a full month calendar at the start of each month, just in case you want to actually use it for a calendar! Use it however you like:

  • Practice a different tangle in each box.  
  • Pencil a string through all the boxes (or beyond the boxes). 
  • Use the numbers as a string and tangle inside or outside of them.
  • Practice the same tangle in each box for a whole week (or even a month!).
  • Make notes about your Zentangle process.
  • Use it to play with CZT Laura Harms’ Weekly Challenge (

Take a few minutes each day, or sit with a chunk of time each week to explore the fun and practice of the Zentangle art form. Get a cup of tea, settle in, and give yourself the gift of relaxation and creativity.

To order a quantity of 1-9 calendars, visit the Greyden Press bookstore. For quantities of ten or more calendars (at a discounted price), please email us at:


  1. Great idea Carol. Excellent for practise and you have something to keep at the end with lots of different patterns as a reference book.

  2. Ohh I love it. Is it also available somewhere in Europe? I checked the shipping rates at greydenpress and they would be higher than the price for the calendar itself :(

    1. Jana, email me here:

      We can sometimes ship for less, but there is no tracking or confirmation on those rates.

  3. My order has arrived! I love them. Thanks so much,

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