Thursday, October 11, 2012

THE Book of Zentangle: a book to savor

Ok, I know it's old news to most of you, but it's still is and always will be exciting that The Book of Zentangle by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas is finally here. I'm also sure that whatever words I would use to describe this book have already been uttered. It's the perfect reflection of what Zentangle's two creators have given over the years.
   Whenever I do Zentangle art, it is a savored moment. Even if I begin in a "git 'r done" frame of mind, it's not long before I find myself floating to a different place. That place is one of calm and creativity, where the pen flows almost on its own, and I am left to simply savor its movement and its marks. I watch forms and patterns surprisingly emerge without a plan, even though every mark I make is deliberate. I turn the tile round and round, getting a feeling of what's there, of what's lying underneath (the string!) and what, if anything, the tile is asking me to do next... more? stop?
    The more I look at/read The Book of Zentangle, the more I feel the book itself as a Zentangle. I savor  the pages, finding something new I hadn't seen before, listening to what it might be asking me to do or see. This beautiful book is more than a story, it's the feeling of Zentangle as only Rick and Maria could express. This book is a gift to all who already love this art form, and a gift awaiting anyone who still hasn't discovered it.

Thank you, Rick and Maria.


  1. I couldn't agree more. The book is absolutely an extension of Rick and Maria and all that Zentangle is. Every time I open the book,
    I find some new detail that excites me. I was lucky enough to be at CZT 10 and got my copy hot off the press. It is a gift that everyone should treat thwmselves to!


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