Monday, October 15, 2012

Always the reminder

Last week I did a one-on-one Zentangle class with my new beading friend, Lisa. I did my tile alongside her, going through the steps and structure like I always do. I usually teach the same four tangles when I teach and introductory session. One would think that might get tiresome, but I find that every time I do one, a little something new happens. This time, it was the student who brought something new.
   As I was showing her the 'sparkle' technique on Printemps, she had the idea of putting a ribbon-like bar through the sparkle skips. I love what-ifs. And I love that the practice of Zentangle always reminds me that every moment is a new one, plain and simple.
    Thank you, Lisa!


  1. Another line, another addition to my Variations File! LOL thanks to you both.
    As always, I love your work and your site, Carole!! a.k.a~PeaceSeekingTangler4Life


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