Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Moving along...

It was very windy last week and I think I'm still feeling the aftermath. When winds come, it seems to accentuate and remind me that things are always moving around, changing and shifting. This continuing episode of a tangle feels very windy and changeable. As I move along with the next tangle sitting on this one, we shall see what happens.

the winds of change
bring a circle of strange

in a sweet chaotic dance
that suspends me in a moment too long
in the ether unfamiliar

my heart beats faster
as my breath stops short
pleading in its own way
to make the dance stop

but in the moment
before I come back down

i see the portrait of
a world undeniable
all potential realized
all things nothing at all

just the flow
is floating there
and all the beating hearts
are joyously nowhere
dancing as one entity
separation unrealized
reconciliation a non-issue


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