Friday, January 6, 2012

Thank you, Loretta!

My friend and fellow artist, Loretta Puncer, owns Gallery 510 in Dayton Ohio. This is the gallery that hosts my Zentangle® classes. It's a beautiful space with a wide selection of beautiful handmade jewelry, art pieces, paintings, ceramics and plenty more. I'm grateful to have such a consistently great space for Zentangle classes. From the beautiful surroundings, to the fresh brewed coffee and tea that Loretta offers the students, it just couldn't be better.
   Loretta and her husband started the year with a trip to Chicago. As she left her house, she grabbed one of the Tangle-a-day calendars that I had given her to sell in the gallery. Here (with her permission) is her (awesome) visual diary of her trip. What a beautiful way to record the time! And later, as time passes in the year, she can look back and remember the feeling of being in Chicago. (Read the comment entry by Rick Roberts in this post of the Zentangle blog). Thanks for sharing it with us, Loretta, and thank you for being the hostess with the mostest for our Zentangle classes!
   Happy tangling, everyone!

ps: she also brought me one of my favorite treats ever:
Garrett's Popcorn...mmm
... tangle time with a side of Chicago mix!


  1. Wow, imagine what this calendar will look like by 12/31/12!!! Beautiful work!

  2. Oh my gosh, thank you for posting this. I have been wishy-washy about whether I wanted to buy a calendar, since I usually make one every year - but those images convinced me! I guess I hadn't thought about the tangles as a way to record my day. I just ordered mine and I can't wait to get started.

  3. How gorgeous! The 2nd is especially nice. This will be amazing at the end of the year.


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