Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Calendar Diary 2

Having some yummy fun with new tangles. I was floating around the internet and landed at Margaret Bremner's place and saw a tangle that really caught my eye. I did some exploring and found out it was one of Sandra Strait's tangles, called Fohbraid. This looks like it might be difficult, but the steps are broken down beautifully. It's one of those that I want to do all kinds of tangleations to, so I'm sure this isn't the last time I will play with it (Jan 4). Jan 5, I was watching a Twilight Zone marathon and those wonky spirals were all I could do for a couple days. I know there are tangles like this out there, but not sure what it (they) are called. The background for the spirals is one of my all time favorites: Maria Thomas' NZeppel. I love how it always floats so nicely behind other tangles. Then for Jan. 6, there is Inapod, which I hadn't done in such a long time, but it seemed to continue the movement of the Fohbraid, so there she be. Thanks, Margaret, Maria, and Sandra (and The Twilight Zone).
   Thanks to everyone who has purchased a Tangle-a-Day Calendar. The printer tells me we need to print another batch, so that we will!


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog--I've been wanting to learn Tangling, and I stumbled across a hometown teacher!! See you in February at Gallery 510!

  2. I am loving your delightful daily dances Carole!

  3. are people still able to order the calendars?


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