Monday, January 23, 2012

Diva Week 55: Moebius String

The Diva Challenge for week 55(!) is to make a string using the Moebius Syndrome logo. Laura's son has this rare condition, and she is working hard to raise awareness and support for this Foundation, including dyeing her hair purple (the foundation's signature color)!! Read about the Moebius Syndrome Foundation.
    It was a little daunting to draw the string, so Laura provided a traceable image. I didn't use it, as I was up for the challenge of trying it without tracing. It's a little wonky but that's just how it goes (on Mondays especially)! I had fun with Margaret Bremner's new tangle, Dansk, and also threw in some orbs (almost exactly a year ago's challenge post) for healing measure.
   Here's to you, Artoo, and your sweet smilin' eyes!



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