Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jan 7-8-9

There is something about having a space to fill everyday that makes setting aside time for Zentangle® a little easier for me. Time flies sometimes and if it wasn't for the Diva this year, and her weekly challenge, there would be some weeks that the business of life's other stuff took up my tangle time. This year's smaller calendar is making it easier for me to tangle every day, or at least every other day. I can carry it around the house and do it wherever I like. So far, so good. Below is my Jan 7-9, and also my friend Loretta's, who is using her calendar as more of a diary of events, where she not only tangles, but writes short little notes about something that happened that day. I love what she is doing and this week's about took my breath away! So here are both of our 7-9's...
  Thanks for sharing, Loretta. I love what you did with the numbers!

Loretta's Tangle-a-Day, Jan 7-9:

Carole's Tangle-a-Day, Jan 7-9


  1. They are both beautiful! I have to admit I haven't started mine yet. Bad girl. But, now I'm inspired to pick it up today and get with it! Carole, I love what you did in the number headers. And I like Loretta's idea of one thing that happened that day.

  2. Wow - I love this beautiful art-for-one-day and i send you hugs from germany. Surely it`s great to fill day by day - and the work of you both is outstanding. I´m a little sad, we have not such base for a calendar in this way here in germany... :-(

    Now I hope you understand what I`ve written - hugs from Frankfurt/Main (you know Rhein-Main-Airport?),

    Kerstin (Terragina)


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