Saturday, December 18, 2010

They talked! (and I listened)

Cathy Helmers made two more Featherheads for the Openseed Etsy shop. These hand-drawn Zentangle inspired babies had gone everywhere together so far, hanging out at Cath's house, then coming to my house and hanging around on my easel, chitchatting about who knows what, but staying safe away from my three kitties (oooh, yum, feathers!).

When it came time for their portraits, I took Flora's first, although she didn't seem too happy. I couldn't figure out why her little spirit just wasn't coming through for the camera. But oh well, keep moving. I took Fiona's portrait, and the same thing happened. Pretty soon I realized they belonged with one another. Once I put them back together, they shined the way they always had. (I swear I could hear them say "Thank you, honey!" ) So I called Cathy and asked her if they could be listed as a set, since it was sort of like finding two little kitties at the shelter and taking them both, since you couldn't bear to break them up. (done that)
   So the happy twosome are now listed on Etsy, and happily wait for their new home! If you are in the Dayton area and want to see other members of the Featherhead family in person, visit Gallery 510 in the Oregon District.

Always listen to artwork, whether it be your own or someone else's.


  1. These are adorable ! Are they fabric bodies? An adorable couple and yes.... they do need to be together !

  2. Yes, they are stuffed muslin, with fabric marker.


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