Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Even though I barely "do" Christmas, I like the symbols and words of the season. They are imprinted on me from my history as a child of parochial schools, and a culture that just can't help itself at this time of year. Once I decided to stop the madness for myself (overdoing the hoorah at every turn), I settled into the parts of the season that I feel connected to. There are few "shoulds" anymore for me, so I enjoy those parts that speak to me, and let the other parts fall away. 
   This year I'm having lots of fun with my favorite words combined with my favorite art form (Zentangle, if you hadn't noticed). I have no idea how many of these will happen. They seem to just present themselves as the days go by, and the snow falls, the soup stews, and the tea brews.


  1. I always love the zentangles you do around words.
    Can you tell me the name of the pattern in the middle of the bottom part of the E?
    Love your blog!

  2. Thank you, Jordan. The tangle in the bottom of the E is an original Zentangle pattern called Vitruvius.

  3. Love all of your holiday "word" tangles and all of the items in your new Etsy store. Congrats! Once I start teaching, maybe I'll be able to buy something-LOL!

  4. This piece is beautiful and really makes me feel like Christmas. Like you I don't go crazy at the holidays but focus on the parts that make me smile.
    Merry Christmas to all.
    Bette Abdu

  5. I'm enjoying your Seasonal words/Tangles very much.
    Yes things do go a bit"Crazy" at Christmas time.I too have done a whole lot less this year (at home). I decided to add some cheer to a local Nursing Home. Not just Christmas decorations...What a difference it has made!

  6. And boy are we glad! THis is beautiful as was your Peace word. I share your attitude about the holidays (I too am a product of parochial schools) and do a minimalist Christmas. THanks for reinforcing my views!



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