Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nature's Way

A friend of mine (yes, a lovely Zentangle freak) sent me this cartoon by Mark Tatulli. We thought it illustrated an essential aspect of the Zentangle art form: organic pattern. I wrote to Mark, and he gave me permission to post it here. Thanks, Mark, for letting us share it, and thanks for creating a very cool cartoon!
   Nature is boundless with patterns, and aren't we lucky for that?
   We also thought it a "hmmm" that Mark's initials (see his signature far right) are kinda familiar:)

© 2010 Mark Tatulli/Distr. by Universal Uclick


  1. LOL - very clever cartoon and I even know a couple of the patterns' names! How nice of him (and you) to share this!

  2. Great cartoon.
    Ditto the above about knowing the pattern names!! Aha- we are learning!!


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