Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I can tell.

I can see by this tile that I've played a little too much Zuma Blitz (an online video game)! I'm really starting to notice how my environment plays into my Zentangle tiles. It wasn't like I said to myself, "Wow, there are cool patterns in the Zuma game." (Although that has happened often.) It was more like, after I saw the tile, I said, "Wow, I have lotsa Zuma on the brain!" Either way, it's all fun. It does make me wonder what insights may come to me if I looked back on my piles of tiles. Hmm... dating them is a good idea... sort of like a Zentangle diary!


  1. Too funny! I had to show this to my husband because we both play Zuma's Revenge and your tile really captures the Zuma game. I'm sure he will be looking for Zuma Blitz now-LOL.

  2. "dating them is a good idea... sort of like a Zentangle diary!
    *nodding* that´s the reason why I try to do one tile a day… Preferably in the evening. It´s like a review of the day – even if I often don´t notice it at first glance.

    I don´t know the game you´re playing. But your tile is lovely!

  3. Hey, Sue. The Blitz version is on Facebook. Maybe you shouldn't look for it! "Stay away from the light!"

  4. At least you didn't put in the ugly old sculls... I love Zuma, too.
    <3 Terri

  5. I play Zuma too, & this is good, lol!! Tangles do reflect what's on our minds when we draw them; pretty revealing when you page back through older stuff. This year I started dating mine when I finish them (sometimes takes a few days), & it's interesting to look back. A few sentences describing the day makes it a tangle diary :-)

    Love your work - found it on Flickr Zentangle group - & follow your blog in my Google reader. Good stuff, keep it up!

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  6. This is where going around in circles is fun!!!


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