Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Something to Chew On

This coming holiday is full of good eats, so the name of this tangle, Bitten, comes just in time. The name for it, however, was really about the traditional houndstooth pattern found in woven textiles. I've often thought it would be a hard pattern to deconstruct, but when I squinted at a houndstooth scarf the other day in a store, it all made sense. And, my trusty sounding board was by my side (my husband), helping me talk it through. There may be a tangle like this floating around out there, but I haven't found it yet. Below are examples in actual tiles, and tomorrow I will post the instructions once they are finished.
   So if you are planning some tangle time over the holiday, maybe this one will find its way into your stash.

This last tile includes one of my current favorite tangles, Warped Eggs, by Livia Chua. Thanks for the fun Livia!


  1. *bounces* I know what I'll be tangling this week-end!

  2. Love these new tangles! What is the name of the tangle at the bottom, below the warped eggs? It looks really cool dripping down off the warped egg tangle. Going to have to find time to tangle this Thanksgiving.

  3. Hi Joni, that section morphed into a sort of Scrumble. See yesterday's post for a link.

  4. I'm not able to find the instructions for Bitten.


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