Monday, November 15, 2010

Fire and Ice

A little while back I named a tangle Lava Juice. It reminded me of the goop inside the lava lamps we had in the wayback times. I hadn't played with it much since then, but the other day I was in the mood to do a tangle that I could 'color in.' I made a string and then did Lava Juice in each segment. Much to my surprise, it looked a lot like melting snow on a tree branch. This came right at the same time that fellow CZT Sue Clark blogged about her first snow in Loveland Colorado, and how cozy her day would be. I love those days, and this tile reminded me of the feeling of snow. And since in Ohio, you really never know about when that will happen, I will sit with my little Zentangle tile and dream of peaceful and cozy days to come.


  1. Carole, this is beautiful. Makes me want to play a little with "lava Juice" too!

  2. Carole, Isn't in fun when a tangle turns into something unexpected. Thanks for the "shout out". I really did have a cozy day and did the three things I wanted to do. Enjoy your cozy day when it comes! Sue


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