Sunday, November 21, 2010

Little Pleasures

I have so many Micron 01 pens that have been "opened." I don't know where they all came from, and they seem to have multiplied, even though I could swear I haven't opened a new one in I can't remember how long. Tile after tile, I keep using them, and figure three quarters of what are in my pen box are probably still in good shape, so why open a new one?
   Well, I think I misjudged those numbers, because lately, every one I've picked up has been a little on the scratchy side. It was getting tiresome trying to find a half-way decent one and this frugal mindset might have to turn a corner. They have been so well used (and loved!) that it's time for some to retire (Thank you for your service, dear pens!). As I reached for a fresh box of pens and took a new one out, it felt a bit like Christmas morning. Yay! I get to use a new pen. Life's little pleasures...
    As I continued on a Zentangle tile that I had started with a very old pen, I was so happy when the ink flowed with barely a touch to the paper. It felt so nice, this  'going with the flow', that I made gobs of little bubbles all around the edges, happily coloring in the background. Once again, reminding myself that it is about how it feels.


  1. It's sort of like the 'new car' smell, that feeling of ink flowing with inhibition from the pen. Actually, though, since I use my pens for shading, I also like using the micron pen that is almost out of ink. There is a scumbly look you can't get from any other pen at any other stage.

    Give me one of each, and I can draw the conquering of the world!

  2. That should be 'flowing withOUT inhibition'. *sigh* Gotta learn to proofread BEFORE hitting the send button.

  3. I am so glad to hear that others feel the same way about the Micron pens. I have so many I hold on to until I absolutely have to throw them away, and I get such a thrill out of opening a new one. They are such treasures!

  4. Nice to know I'm in such good company - I have a growing stash that I don't use but can't seem to dispose of them. Sigh ;>)

  5. Oh I agree with not throwing out the cratchy pens, and not being able to find a decent one!!Then I learned that the scratchy ones are great for very fine lines. Now I have got a bit organised and have a tin for scratchy ones, and one for the lovely new ones that write like a dream!Aaah!Sometimes leaving the scratchy ones for a while- they seem to "recover".I think that's why we don't throw them away?

  6. I have the same little system, Judy. I even marked mine with pink nail polish when they were getting "hairy". I hang on to them forever, until , alas, their day is truly done. Tomorrow I will post a tile I found that I did entirely with a teeny spent Micron... A sort of 'scrumbly' look, as Molossus says :)


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