Thursday, November 11, 2010

MORE Flu Fun

I've heard it said, "Tangle something, you'll feel better." It's very true. I'm guessing the reason that works is because the pressure of a projected outcome is not there. If there is no planned outcome, there can be no mistakes. There is something very comforting about that!
   So yesterday, between sneezes and (trying to) work, I would take a little moment to tangle. It took me all day to do this one, but that was the fun of it. A little at a time: pick it up, put it down, let it be, look at it again, turn it around, walk away, sneeze a few more times, tangle again. Taking all day to do this tile, it gave me a chance to be with it in a different way each time I came back to it. I'm sure it's a much different tile than if I had done it all in one sitting.
   The tangles I used: Jetties, Scena, Florz, Enyshou (variation). There has to be a tangle name for the rope part, although I couldn't find it. Anyone?


  1. Lovely tangle! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Gee this is a great one!!I like the rope and the balls seeming to spill out. I am going to do a peapod with peas spilling out. What about a basket with balls overflowing...your Tangle suggests so many things.
    Hope the cold clears up soon!!

  3. Hi Carole, it's me again...i just happened to find info on rope at
    Sorry, I meant hope your FLU clears up!!

  4. Thanks for finding that Judy. As for the flu, it's on its way out!

  5. Carole, this tangle looks like a stage to me with billowy curtains on the top and the balls spilling down. And the rope with the tassel adds to the fantasy. The floorz is the backdrop...My first cup of coffee and this is a great wake up!
    Goodbye to your flu!

  6. Love this tangle, especially the rope and jetties.


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