Saturday, June 19, 2010

Zentangle 101

One of the best things about Zentangle is sharing them. These are the "first blush" Zentangles of Friday night's Beginner class. After lots of quiet tangling, the room got very bubbly and twittery as we 'congregated' the first Zentangles of the night. Then we all settled back down with a few munchies and got back to tangling, talking, and making new friends.


  1. Carole, Your students created wonderful Zentangles. They had a fantastic teacher and it shows. I love it when I see my students holding up their work and saying "I did that!"

  2. Carole, Are you still teaching? I ran across your website/blog thru a link on a card crafting site. I used to live in Launceston, Tasmania, and am now living in Dayton (Vandalia), OH. LOVE this technique and would like to learn. Please email me at Thanks. Katherine

  3. Well, it`s late September 2015 and I came across your site only today. It doesn`t look very active, and I suspect you have gone and had children or something equally creative! Anyway, I intend to visit it occasionally because there is so much great stuff in your Blog archive! Thank you for that!
    Rosemary Turpin, Montreal, Canada


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