Sunday, June 13, 2010

More Lemons to Lemonade

As my friend, Peg, says: There are no "oopsies" in Zentangle. With that spirit in my heart, I spent the afternoon "making lemonade."
A couple months ago I had painted a portrait of my husband. Apparently one of the cats thought it would be a good idea to put their claws through his chest. (Perhaps they thought they could 'make some biscuits' on his big fluffy sweater that he was wearing in the painting). What to do with a gashed painting? Inspired by my friend, Loretta, who does mixed media painting and often incorporates strips of fabric, I went to work! I wove a strip of fabric through the gashes, and then used an upholstery needle and embroidery thread to add some texture. Using the fabric and the old portrait for inspiration, I painted and poked until this painting appeared.
    Kitty mayhem, music and mixed media makes for a marvelous Sunday afternoon!

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