Friday, June 4, 2010

In visiting the Zentangle® blog this morning, I found this beautiful quote by Maria Thomas, who, with Rick Roberts, is the 'parent' of this enchanting art form. Why are people drawn to Zentangle? I think this says a lot....

"The comfort of patterns has been with us since we were children. Saturday morning rituals of waking early, snuggling with my brothers and sisters in our PJ's to watch our favorite cartoons before our parents awoke. Then after breakfast, out to play with our best friends -- two full days to look forward to. Ceremony and patterns, in our life and in our thoughts, are comforting, even though they change gradually to form new ones as we get older or as our surroundings change. So it is with Zentangle, the comfort of familiar patterns, flowing repeatedly from our pens, welcoming the reality of new ones, sneaking in whether by choice or other wonderful phenomena . . . "   Maria Thomas

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  1. I agree with you, this is a beautiful quote. I think I will print it out and stick it in the front of the little book I'm going to use to keep the Tangle steps in.


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