Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Garage Sale Surprise

It's been more than a few years since my last garage sale. I don't like doing them, but things stack up and stashes grow old. So many things I once held somewhat dear, now find themselves sadly on a table in a dingy garage, waiting for a new home. As I pulled things out of bags and boxes to place on the tables, I found a few nice surprises (so THAT'S where it went!). And a couple things that I thought I was finished with, came back around to win my heart all over again. (dang it!) About six years ago I fell in love with silk scarf painting. It was such a relaxing thing to do, and I really never knew why at the time. It's obvious now. The spirit of what I now know as Zentangle®, was there as I looked at the scarves; deliberate lines that meandered unplanned to their rightful place, spaces filled with pattern. Even the color was painted in a most gentle and deliberate hand. It was a surprise to remember the feeling of creating them. I guess it's no surprise that I'm keeping them!

As you can see, a little spirit found its way into the garage sale sign!

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  1. Such beautiful colors -- wish I could attend your garage sales, I know I'd come away with some real treasures :-) The sign is pretty eye-catching too, I'll have to remember that!


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