Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The REAL Challenge #27!

Ok, so apparently I was skim reading when I read the Diva's challenge instructions on Monday morning. It didn't sink in at all that we were to use two SPECIFIC tangles: Dex and Verdigoh. It wasn't until after I posted my challenge and started visiting other participants' sites, that I realized, geez, they are all using the same tangles! Hmm. I felt a little like I had turned in my World History homework to the Geometry teacher. So poor me. I had to do the challenge twice!! What a heartbreak:) Actually, it's like scoring two desserts in one day, so I hope you don't really feel sorry for me.
   At first, I wasn't sure I was up for a grid tangle (Dex), especially when the frondy flow of Verdigoh was also in the mix. I wanted to get my inky little hands on that like NOW. But, staying in the moment, I diligently, and most of the time, lovingly, colored in all the little boxes of Dex. It was that exercise that put me right in the zone. Sometimes I have to squirm through a discomfort to get to the other side of the experience. As you can see, I had a hard time putting down the pen, and three tiles came out. 
   Tile number one, I created an Oopertunity when I made too many grid lines for my first Dex attempt (bottom right). So even though it looks like a whole other tangle, it really is just Dex gone awry. My pen was a little scratchy and worn, but I found it great fun to color in a scratchy, feathery background.

Another string set number two in motion...

Number three felt like it needed to start with a straight Dex grid. I suppose it was the curly-q other side of me that had to do Verdigoh in a spiral. I had lots of fun with the Sakura Jelly Roll white and got the tendrils of the Verdigoh to roll over  and behind the Dex grid. I will be playing a little more with this!


  1. Loved the way you juxtaposed the two!

  2. Superb. The superposition of two tangles is beautiful. I like.

  3. Beautiful! Number 2 is my favorite.

  4. These are BEAUTIFUL! Especially #1 and #2, I want to look at them over and over. I enjoy your work very much.

  5. Reminds me off all the wind storms we have been having here!!! Beautiful work!

  6. Under and over
    through and behind
    in and out
    turn around

  7. They all are so very pretty !
    Very creative !

  8. The more I look at each of them the more I like them! I like how Verdigogh breaks through Dex in the third.

  9. Outstanding! I can't pick a favorite!! Your work is always so great!

  10. That third is wonderful! Love how the two patterns intertwine. Great depth! Always love to see your work!


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