Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Peyote FUN

A couple more peyote bracelet designs... I am having way too much fun. And I am blaming it on Zentangle.


  1. Spectacular - I've been resisting pulling out my beads and updating an old copy of Bead Tool but these last photos may have pushed me over the edge - lol Thanks I think. Love what you are doing with peyote.

  2. Is that "4 drop peyote" I see? Never seen that before. Love the bracelets and the designs. Is there a limit on the amount of fun you can have???? I'm trying to balance Zentangle and beading -- very difficult! Zentangle is winning!

  3. love your new designs and color combinations - waiting for my tangle kit but have started 'doodling' - too much fun

  4. The Zentangle kit is a great way to start! Have fun, Leslie!
    Estelle, whether you are enjoying either or both, it's all good!!


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