Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Diva's Duo Tangle: Triangular Travels

Maria Thomas of Zentangle has been teasing us with triangular tidbits for a few weeks now. The way she makes them go round in circles has been a mystery to me, so I've been trying the triangles over the last few days. 
   While playing with the triangles, and this week's DIva Challenge (#27!!), I was reminded of a tangle that Molly Hollibaugh (Maria's lovely daughter) showed us at the Certified Teacher Seminar in May 2010. I think she calls it Y-Knot. (Sorry, couldn't find an online version to link.) In keeping with the guidelines of the challenge – to use only two tangles, I combined Y-Knot with Hollibaugh
  I obviously missed the part about using Dex and Verdigogh! That will be part 2 of my challenge. Maybe part of my challenge in the future would be to slow down while I am reading the post!!
  Thank you, Laura, Molly and Maria for another inspirational challenge!


  1. Carole, this just goes to show that there are no mistakes in Zentangle, only opportunity! You make a fantastic challenge all your own, and Why Not? I love what you have done with these two tangles, they are so woven and connected it's hard to pick up where one starts and the other leaves off. Masterful!! Love it.

  2. How funny Carole, and what an explosion of delight!

  3. WOW stunning merging just magic. XOXO Zoe

  4. Beautiful! Someone post the steps to YKnot quick!

  5. Cool! I like how they are tangled together. Nice work.


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