Friday, November 1, 2013

Pre-orders for the 2014 Tangle-a-Day Calendars are now available!

They're almost here.... Greyden Press says they should start shipping around November 15. Click the ad to the right, or here to pre-order your calendar!

If you'd like to order ten or more copies, click here.

Thank you!


  1. I attempted to pre-order the 2014 calendar and it says it is not available, used your link to the right. Are they sold out, if so -- might want to let people know. Thanks!!!

  2. I ordered mine.
    It went through just fine.
    When do you think they will ship?

  3. Oh gosh I just re-read the above and it says November 15.

  4. Is there any way to get shipping costs down for posting to the uk, i would love this for a christmas present for someone but the shipping costs more then the calendar.

    1. Unfortunately, it's just very expensive to ship to the UK. The printer has done what he can to get the best shipping prices and still insure that the package gets to its destination.

  5. Hi, does the calendar have instructions for drawing individual tangles, or is does it only have ZIA?

  6. It's too bad that the shipping costs are that expensive! 19,95 for the calendar and $23 to ship it to Germany? Sorry but I can't afford that. :(

  7. I would also like to buy this calender, (I also wanted to buy it last year) but can't find anywhere in europe, where I can buy it!
    If the costs for sending it from Greyden Press are so expensive, many of us Tanglers in Europa arn't buying the calender.
    Is it possible do so that we can buy the calender on or or any other internet-shop?
    Best regards from Denmark.

  8. Love the calendars. Can you tell me what paper is used for these. It goes beautifully with the micron pens. Thanks.


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