Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Zoning in and out

This week's Diva Challenge is to push ourselves to do what is not comfortable for us.

Everyone has their own rhythm, and in practicing the art of Zentangle®, it's usually pretty clear what we personally connect to, and what we don't.

I had a black tile that I had started months ago. I never finished it for the very reason that I don't feel very comfortable with the white on black. I figured this would be my challenge: to finish the tile using at least one tangle that is outside my rhythm.

This tile was started by shaving some of the Zenstone onto the tile, then rubbing it with my finger to create a ghostly glow, which I loved. The white Jellyroll was a bit skippy over it, so I tried the Micron but I really couldn't see it against the soapstone. That's when I quit and laid it aside months ago.

Yesterday I picked up the white again to move forward through the 'discomfort'. I did some Huggins, and filled in some N'Zeppel that was there from before, and added some Hollibaugh strings. (I actually was having fun with my discomfort!) I love shading, and I could have used pencil over the white, but again, that was too comfortable. I used a grey Fabrico in small doses. (I like big doses of shade) I also remembered that going back in with the Micron after the white could tame a few blobs I left with the white Jellyroll. Funny thing, by the time I was halfway through, I was out of the discomfort zone, and simply in the zone of the Zentangle process. Cuz that's how it often works!

Thanks, Laura, for another awesome challenge.


  1. I love the way you take a regular tangle and totally change the look of it as you do here with that filled in "ribbon" of huggins. Love it. Very different Hollibaugh too and very cool. So glad you are sharing again.

  2. Oh, I hope this convinced you to try more of the white on black. This one is just beautiful.

  3. Carole, your rhythm is smooth with soul.

  4. Sometimes it is hard to imagine some of the "icons" of Zentangle® having areas that they are uncomfortable with. This challenge may help us remember that commonality of tanglers. I do like how you will personalize many of the tangles. That is part of the beauty of Zentangle that we can do. It is not about right or wrong. I really do like your tile.

  5. beautiful! & I totally agree with what Sue said, the reverse n'zepple is great!

  6. You have tackled a lot of "out of your comfort" zones in one tile. Well done.

  7. Awesome tile, and thanks for sharing your process - you reminded me of the 'trick' of shaving the soapstone and rubbing it in - I want to try that now too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I really like your Hollibaugh strings! I'm still not embracing the white on black tiles, but now you have inspired me to go back to several that were started and never finished because they were out of my comfort zone. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Jacque Solomon


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