Friday, August 12, 2011

Zen Mandalas: Sacred Circles

Just in case you haven't seen Suzanne McNeill's new book, it's here!
Zen Mandalas: Sacred Circles Inspired by Zentangle®

Suzanne McNeill, CZT, has once again put together a wonderful collection of Zentangle inspired mandalas that will inspire you to get out your art goodies and get busy. As always, there are new tangles and new ways of looking at the art of Zentangle. And color? Lots of color! She also covers the symbolic aspects of the colors and shapes used in mandalas.
    I am very grateful to be included in the book, along with my fellow CZT, Margaret Bremner. Her beautiful work graces the cover of the book, and there are more of her goodies inside, as well. 
    I've been a fan of Margaret's work since we met at the CZT training seminar in May, 2010. I remember looking at the show'n'tell table, thinking... "I really want to meet this Margaret Bremner person!" I finally did meet her on the second day, and little did I know we would be sharing space in a book one year later. I love the tangles of this life, and the strings underneath. Thank you, Rick and Maria for being the string!!
    I hope you all add this book to your stash (as I know most of you have every Zentangle inspired book that comes out!), and find the inspiration and gifts that a mandala, especially Zentangle-style, can bring.

Thank you Suzanne, Rick, Maria and Margaret.


  1. The book is beautiful. The page is beautiful. The slide show is beautiful!


  2. I adore this book. There is so much inspiration in its pages! Your work and Margaret's is amazing!!!


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