Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Tangle Breakfast

Chai Spiced Oats (this was so pretty I had to post!)
Last week I visited my favorite breakfast spot for a little quiet time away from my computer. Amicis has awesome Chai Spiced Oats and it was a cool, lovely morning on the restaurant's patio. As I always have Zentangle tiles and Micron pens in my purse, after I ordered my oats, I pulled out my goodies and joyously tangled a tile. It was such a sweet experience, I decided to make it a weekly ritual. If I did it on Tuesday, the Monday mayhem would have passed, and I could settle into the Diva's challenge, or play with a newly discovered tangle.
Assunta and Breakfast 
   I put the word out on Facebook to the local Zentangle lovers. I figured, even if no one could join me, I would still be happy to sit and tangle all by myself. Today was the first "official" Tuesday Tangle Breakfast. I had one tangle buddy appear (thanks for the great company, Tammy!), and the morning was cool and sunny. I had a great time sinking my pen into the new tangle, Assunta. Once my right brain wrapped around its structure, my pen didn't want to stop. Of course, the breakfast wrap I ordered tempted the pen down, but I can't wait to tangle more later today.
   One of the things I love about the art of Zentangle, is its flexibility. Whether by yourself, or in a group of others (even if they aren't tangling), it's unobtrusive and relaxing, no matter where you are. I'm looking forward to next Tuesday.
   Thanks, Zentangle, Amicis, and Tammy!


  1. That sounds like so much fun. Unfortunately, I haven't found much of a tangling community yet, here in the Northwest. There is one CZT in Seattle, but I live in Tacoma, WA. I know what you mean by being able to tangle easily when sitting in a group, though. It's one of my guilty pleasures.

  2. Funny that I love doing the same things with my oatmeal, i.e. drawing a Zentangle AND making the oatmeal with a sachet of spiced tea in the water. Great meditative material!

  3. Is this going robe a regular venture? If so, would love to join in!
    Marcy lewis

  4. This sounds like fun. If I'm ever in Dayton, I'll look for your Tuesday morning group.

  5. Do you have the recipe for the chai oats? Those look so good! :)


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