Sunday, May 22, 2011

Unbinding the Shackles of Notions

One of the best things about being a Certified Zentangle Teacher is the opportunity to revisit the basics of this art form. I offer a Zentangle® Intro class each month at a local gallery in Dayton, Ohio. Each time I teach this class, I am reminding myself of the elegant groundwork of this simple artform. One wonderful aspect of Zentangle is the unknown outcome. It is designed to "inspire participants to build and expand on each new idea, unhindered and unconstrained by limiting preconceptions."
  This past Friday's class, I knew three of the four students before the class even started. When I think I know people, there are preconceived notions about them that can color what I say and do. So, just as when I begin a new Zentangle tile, I notice my notions, and let them go if I can, and then things become much clearer. When my intuition isn't clouded or hammered by what I think I know, things flow much easier. To prepare for a class, I usually create a sample tile, using the tangles I know I will teach. I wasn't surprised that it somehow got lost between my house and the gallery. Just one more indicator to always start without my notions!
   Here's a photo of what happened in our class... so much rhythm and creative juice! It's always a treat to see how each person interprets the the same string and the same tangles. We used Meer, Crescent Moon, Beelight, and Hollibaugh. Beautiful!!!

Thanks Sara, Mike, Phil, Rosaline, Gallery 510, and Zentangle!


  1. Thanks for the class Carol. Sara & I really enjoyed it. We'll be sure to keep you posted on our Zentangling

  2. Great class work! I love how they had crescent moon bleed into the Hollibaugh! very cool!

  3. nice display of four tiles....creating yet another pattern. M

  4. Super fun! And the combined ensemble is just as intriguing as the individual tiles.


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