Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bead Time

I spent last weekend at "the" bead retreat. Twice a year, a group of 16-24 women drag their bead belongings to Kirkmont Center in Zanesfield, Ohio. We also drag every snack under the sun and our jammies. It's a nice long weekend (Thursday through Sunday) of relaxing, staying up late, munching, beading, staying shoeless and in jammies, and best of all, laughing.
   It's a great time to devote to bead projects, and I had more than a few UFOs (UnFinished Objects) to keep me busy. Even though I didn't finish them all, it was nice to have a time set aside for connecting with them. For me, this community of these beaders is what I enjoy most, so anything I get done is just icing on the cake! (Of course, we had real cake too. And brownies, and chips and cookies.)
   Here are a few things that happened:

Thanks ladies, for a great weekend!


  1. That weekend sounds like nirvana! LOVE that beadwork - gorgeous!!!

  2. Oooh, I love the colors and textures in these designs. Sounds like a great weekend with friends!

  3. Whee, fun! I have to admit that Zentangle takes me to the same place that my beadwork does - a wonderful, timeless, creative zone just for me....and the occasional kindred spirit! *G*

  4. How did you get the rivoli on the top bracelet? Did you bead it separately and sew it on or bead around it. It's so neat!!!


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