Monday, March 21, 2011

More Floating

Before everyone's arrival, the room stood still in a glow of soft sun. Fresh white tablecloths seemed to float above the chairs, waiting for the tanglers to set up residence. Little gift boxes waited for their new caretakers to open them and relish their contents.
   The weather was a beautiful, sunny sixty-something, perfect for driving, as some were coming from Northern Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois.
   By five pm, most had arrived, and we settled into our rooms, found our extra blankies, and then met for a wonderful dinner prepared by the Oakwood staff. We also had some special Blake's cupcakes delivered by one of our Akron Ohio visitors. (Thanks, Estelle!) We unpacked our goodies, then sat for a tangly little while to get to know each other, and to  warm up our places for the coming day...

   The next morning began around 8am with a lovely breakfast. After we settled back into our workspaces, Peg Farmer (CZT #3), walked us through the lovely ritual of beginning a Zentangle tile. She led us into the zone with a wonderful combination of tangles! We joked about having a Zentangle donut for breakfast...(this photo was taken before we added the last tangle in the center.)

Some of our participants in the Z-zone...It was fitting to have  

so much pink (the color of love and disarmament) to start our weekend...


  1. it sounds like such a wonderful day. /sigh of envy :)

  2. I really, really wanted to be there. But my husband's hip surgery intervened. Hopefully, I can be there next time.

  3. Thank you so much Carole (& Dave too!) for a wonderful weekend! Oh what fun we had tangling & floating! I dearly loved learning how to create No Math Mandalas! What superb teachers you & Peg were!!! And, of course, we have to give credit to our IT guru! Go Dave! It was so much fun meeting others who all together had one simple thing in common... the love of Zentangles.

    I made friends who I know I'll keep in touch with, created beautiful zentangles that will always remind me of Floatfest '11, & spent a weekend enjoying the creativity of everyone there.

    Thanks again Carole!
    Count me in for the next Floatfest!!!

  4. This was absolutely the best thing I've ever done for myself!! We were a community immediately and everyone shared so unselfishly. Carole Ohl is the most gracious, kind-hearted, selfless, creative person I know. Peg Farmer did a wonderful job of warming us up and showing us various tangles that one or another of us had trouble doing. Daved, you were the best sport!! Being around 12 women for 4 days should merit you sainthood. There wasn't anything that wasn't perfect about Float Fest from our rooms, the weather, the people AND THE FABULOUS FOOD we were served. If I could have taken the chefs home with me I would have in a heartbeat! Carole, Peg and Daved -- thank you all again for a magical Float Fest.


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