Monday, March 28, 2011

Being the Zentangle

There are some people in this world who have the ability to inspire confidence in other people. Just being in their presence makes you feel like the world and what is in it, is an open place, full of possibilities. I see it as a sort of transfer of confidence... whatever confident energy one person has, can be transfered to another if the other is even slightly open.

    Any of my friends who have heard my Hair Horror Stories will tell you that when it comes to getting my hair cut, I have no hope or confidence whatsoever!! At one point I resigned myself to what I called bad hair karma.
   If there is such a thing, I'm thinking that my hair karma may have changed.
   Craig at Affinity Salon did my hair in November, and it gets more fun every time I go. My hair is basically gray, which I do like. I've been through the coloring thing, but I'm not diligent enough to always keep it up, and like I said, the gray is fine. But since I was having so much fun, I might as well have some MORE fun, so we decided to play with some color. 
   Our discussion about exactly what part to color, and then what actual color, was interesting to me. If we moved forward simply by the words in the discussion, we would not have gotten anywhere. The color brown can be dark and rich or soft and minky, and what does that really mean to each person? We both had a vision of sorts, but it seemed like it might be different, but how would I know? One person's words can mean something very different to another. 
    But because Craig is one of those people I mentioned in the first paragraph of this blog, I found myself inspired by his confidence, and just surrendered to the process itself.I knew I had to let go of whatever the heck I thought 'minky' was, and just let him do his thing. I told him my life was in his hands and whatever he did, I would be open.
   I was also scheduled to get a manicure that day. When Nikki, the manicurist, asked me what color I'd like, I told her my usual preference was a (safe) muted color, but that today was a day for getting out of my box. She picked a brighter pink. Again, I again surrender. I sat at the table, ready for some pink, when Craig came over with two bottles of purple nail polish. Wow. The last color I would pick. Funny. The only other time anyone gave me nail polish it was purple. My friend and fellow CZT Carol Bailey Floyd sent it to me once as a gift of celebration and joyous abandon. So fitting that he would pick purple today. Again, I surrendered.

   I felt a little like a blank Zentangle tile-- open and available to whatever the universe has in store. I sat back and let Craig and Nikki do what they love to do (and they do it so well). I even ended up with a flower painted on one of my nails. For someone who wears olive green, grey and black most of the time, purple nail polish with a little flower was definitely out of my comfort zone... but...I found that floating with these two people was more fun than controlling what happened to my hair and fingernails.
   Letting go of my expectations and wishes, I had no grounds for disappointment. WIth nothing to control, I had nothing to hold on to. Wow. That was so much fun. And for the record, I was extremely happy with the hair AND the purple nails! Thank you Craig and Nikki.

  The next time you sit with a blank Zentangle tile, think of how that little open space is waiting for you to give it your confidence and joy. It's your opportunity to transfer a little of your passion onto a sweet little piece of art. Then once you've made the 'transfer', go find someone to give it to.


  1. I am so glad that you enjoyed your day at affinity, you are such a free spirit outside the salon and now inside the salon.

  2. What a tease! Where's the picture?!

  3. ditto. You cant say ALL that, and then not show us!!

  4. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story! Maybe it is in the air and Donna (fellow CZT) is right - the universe is shifting...Your post spoke volumes to me today...can't wait to see what happens in the rest of the day.
    Toni - a.k.a. Artist in Wonderland -

  5. Yaaay! Have fun! Did it put a new bounce in your step? I really like what you wrote in your last paragraph and will save it for future sharing. Thanks. Enjoy!

  6. Hey, back up the truck! There should be a picture of all that newness! I must see how beautiful you look!!!

  7. Ah, the hallmark of a true CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) - being able to really convey the Zentangle philosophy. There's so much more to Zentangle than the average person suspects...

  8. I totally agree with Maribeth as the new person on the blog...with Zentangle you either get it or you don't. It's like the beauty in cactus or the art by abstract artists, etc. You love it or hate it.
    Changes can be beautiful in our personal looks, too. It can put a zip to your step! Tangle on.

  9. What I love about Zentangle... there is something for everyone on so many layers; whether you simply enjoy drawing patterns, or like to look at it as a whole philosophy, it's all there. Each person has their own lovely way of being with it.


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