Saturday, January 22, 2011

The "Z" Zone

It's contagious. The "Z" Zone.

The last few times I attended the weekly beading group, I brought a Zentangle tile to work on. Just needed a break from the beads for a while. I was surprised that for two weeks in a row, the person sitting next to me (2 different people) commented that they just had to look away or they would get no beading done at all. It seems that watching a person do Zentangle, possibly has the same effect as actually doing one. Mesmerizing, calming, just plain fun. If you haven't yet seen Rick and Maria's "Betweed" video, check it out, and I think you will feel what I mean by the "Z" Zone.


  1. Hi Carole, remember me? I am Cat and I had been coming to your doll beading get togethers until we moved to Indiana. I was so surprised to see you do Zentangle. I just started doing them with a kit I bought for myself for Christmas. I love it. I am even thinking about becoming a CZT, although I do not know if anyone in my area would be interested. Does not seem to be too many artsy people around here. Wish I still lived in Dayton. I miss everyone there so much.

  2. Hi Cat, of course I remember. So glad you found Zentangle. One of the cool things about it is, art skill is not required to participate! Many people who take my class don't think of themselves as artists. But they quickly see what the process of Zentangle can do for them once they get started!

  3. I agree completely. I've watched the Betweed video several times, and I'm equally mesmerized by the Zentangle as I am with the beautiful calligraphy at the beginning.


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