Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Grow where you're planted.

Greener grass sometimes looks like the place to step sometimes. Some days it's tiresome to stay in the place we are. Same stuff, same people, same job. Most of us feel restless sometime or another... unchallenged, unexcited about the things at hand.
    How do we know when it's time to step out or just stay put? Often we stay with something for the safety it provides. There is comfort in familiarity! When we examine our own patterns and look ourselves in the eye, we know the answer to why we stay or want to get out. Just as often, our childish entitlements get the best of us and we start to think we deserve better than where we are. 
   A friend and I were lunching and talking about such things. She had recently decided to make a change in her life. That felt right to her. So she took some vacation time to be still with her decision. In the stillness, she realized that the change wasn't so much in doing something different, but in allowing a difference in what she was already doing. She didn't have to jump off any ship or burning building, she could redefine and recreate and add to her current situation.
   How cool. I'm so grateful for her sharing her insight! Today's Zentangle tile is in honor of her process:


  1. I love these thoughts and their eventual conclusions....thank you. M

  2. ............and a very cool Zentangle in celebration of great conclusions...M

  3. A beautiful and wise conclusion. It is so good to take time to contemplate change before making it.
    How wonderful to take this moment and honor it with a zentangle that captures all the feelings and wisdom gained from that moment.

  4. What a delightful lesson for today. It is amazing that we have to take our time and be still to grow. Love you 'blooming' Zentangle!

  5. Another wonderful post, so true! Love your tile too!

  6. Some years ago I was buying a lamp from a lady at a yard sale and we got to chatting. She told me that she had found that every several years or so, she needs to re-pot herself. :-) What a lovely way to think of change - just enough so that you can continue to grow. Will you give the tile to your friend?

  7. Thank you for putting these thoughts together so elegantly. Change gets harder as I get older, and it is good to look at it as a gentle welcoming rather than a force.
    In my twenties, I had a similar experience to your friend's. I called it running away for a weekend. Mind you, I lived alone. :o) But getting away from all that I was doing gave me the perspective I needed to change direction and feel good about it. It was transforming. Now I have zentangle to take me away on a moment's notice!


  8. I'm curious, if I may, about your tile - do you add the word in first and build around it, or build the tangles and fit the word into the open space after?


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