Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lights Shine

Every October for the past few years, my sister, Cathy Helmers, and I have set up a booth at the Universal Light Expo in Columbus Ohio. In the past years, Cathy sold her beautiful beaded spirit dolls, and I sold my beaded jewelry. As many people who have a creative passion in some kind of medium will tell you, it often evolves or even morphs into a different medium altogether. Always related, as things inherently are, we move into the "next thing" that strikes our fancy.
    Ok, so Zentangle struck our fancy. You knew where I was going, right?
    This year at the Expo, most of what we offer has a Zentangle inspiration behind it. Cathy will still have her beaded spirit dolls, but she has really taken to this meditative art form and has applied it to include dolls, 3d objects, and even fabric that she designs with Zentangle patterns. My friend and fellow CZT, Peg Farmer, and I will be offering mini classes right in the booth, for those new to the art of Zentangle. We will also have Zentangle supplies for sale. A large community Zendala will be available for anyone who wants to add their mark.
   We are excited about our adventure. The ULE is the largest all-volunteer metaphysical expo in the Midwest. The people are wonderful and there is lots to do! If you're in the neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio on October 9 and 10, come visit!!
   Here are a few of the beautiful items that Cathy has created...


  1. Wow, these are beautiful! I love hearts! Can you tell me what they are made of? Also, are those zentangle tiles or are they coasters made of something else? I am sure all of you will have so much fun at the Expo.

  2. The hearts are paper mache that you can find in most craft stores, and the coasters are the kind that you can put photos in. The paper is just cut to the photo size. Yes, we'll have gobs of tangling fun!

  3. Just beautiful ~ have fun (as if we could stop you!)

  4. I love the little red box, it's absolutely adorable!!


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