Wednesday, September 8, 2010

All together now.

I found a frame that held three 3" pieces of art. I went through my tiles to find three that complimented each other. I found some possibilities but they didn't quite flow for me. I added a little dot or "bead" around the edges of each one, which to me, tied them together as a little family. Now they are all living together in one little frame.


  1. A great look!! What can't you do with zentangles!

  2. wow that looks great!! I need to find one of those frames.. I think my husband is afraid zendoodles will be hanging on every wall :-)

  3. What a great idea. The dots and beads certainly tie the three peices together to complement each other beautifully. You are such a talanted Tangler. I am soooo enjoying reading through all your posts. It is such a treat to view them all.


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