Thursday, August 19, 2010


This tangle came about in the spring, when all the little spidees are busy building homes. Hepmee is in honor of all the little bugs that will find themselves stuck.


  1. A groovy style of web, I like the way they join and touch each other, thanks for the idea!

  2. A "The fly" association. Hilarious, I love the name of this.

  3. Carole, Another great tangle that is sooo much fun! I follow you site as much as TanglePatterns and Zentangle! And love them all! You are in my hometown and I cannot wait to stop by and see your new store and hopefully get to take a class with you!! I am planning a trip to see my son and grandson sometime within the next 6 weeks and will try to call ahead to try to schedule a class, and if unable to at that time I plan to stay over a Thursday to attend your Tangle Tea 3 at the Bead Stash!! Please keep Tanglin' on~ You are such a pleasure to follow and such an inspiration to me!
    Thank again~ Peace & Prayers Always!
    Bobbi aka Tangler4Life :))))


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