Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bricks Along the Journey

My art-quilting friend, Cathy Jeffers asked a few of us to participate in a fund raiser for breast cancer awareness.  Bricks Along the Journey is an annual art auction in Cincinnati, Ohio, that raises funds for Breast Cancer Research, Education and Awareness. Artists from all over the area create art on bricks which are then auctioned on Sunday, October 10, 2010 at the Cintas Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.
   Of course, my little brick was asking for a Zentangle kind of dressing, so here it is. I had lots of fun with this. I applied gesso to the brick, then used a Sharpie Paint marker to tangle it. I painted the pink in acrylics, and the shaded with a wash of black acrylic. It was then varnished. I love my little brick and hope that someone else will love it enough to bid on it. Thanks, Cathy, for supplying us with bricks AND inspiration!
   Check out the Bricks Along the Journey gallery to see some awesome brick art from previous years.


  1. What a lovely brick and what a neat fundraising project! Thanks for sharing your process also.

  2. Very nice and for such a great cause! Just great!!

  3. What a treasure this brick is. I'm sure it will be well sort after in the bidding. One quick question please, what is the brick made of? Or is it a real building brick?
    Thanks for sharing this great project idea.

  4. It's a real brick that I gessoed and then applied Sharpie paint markers to. I then used acrylics to enhance it.


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