Monday, March 25, 2019


Transitions can be awfully scary and sometimes we don't even know why. It's hard to let go of things you love, things you love to do, people you love to be with. Things often seem to change on their own, but most often we've made some sort of choice about it without realizing we've done so.

This blog was primarily a spot for me to share my creative ramblings. The name, Open Seed, reflected for me, the openness of the creative force, and the potential for something to bloom from it. For the most part, this blog had been Zentangle related. I love the Zentangle method of making art. It really did change the way I approached not only art projects of any kind, but life projects. "One stroke at a time" has always reminded me that each moment, even though appearing to stand on its own, is connected to past and future of all the other moments. But past and future don't exist in the moment. SO.... the moment wins as often as I let it! I thank Maria Thomas and Rick Rogers for the gift of this art form, and for their personal examples of how this process can move through all of a life, not just the arty parts.

Over the last seven years, my art life has settled into beadweaving. I still do other things, but I have to accept my spot in the beading world. I like playing with beads and making up jewelry designs to share. I have and Etsy shop where I sell tutorials and kits that I've put together. I own a bead store in Dayton, Ohio. So this blog will change quite a bit from this moment on. Other arts may pop up, because all the people around me inspire me all the time, whether it's taking up crochet, painting, gardening. I am lucky to have so much inspiration in my life. This blog is a way to pass it on.

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